Mommy, I want that!

Let me set up a scene for you that I am sure you have seen once in your life. 

Not a good look.

You are shopping at a store one day, minding your own business and then you hear it; the sounds of a child having a temper tantrum because they want something from the store and their parent is saying, “No”.  The child is screaming their head off and crying as if this toy was the best thing in the world.  They “need” it right now; there is nothing else that will ever compare to this one specific item.

Have you ever seen that kid?  If you have, have you ever thought, where did this infatuation with the item come from?  Well let me tell you, it comes from advertisements.  They are a bigger influence on children than their parents.  It is sickening how much commercials and advertisements can get inside a child’s head and they feel like they need items.  It is as comparable to a silly commercial song getting stuck in our heads for days on end.

However, companies are not only using commercials to get their products inside kids’ heads.  They are now using fast food restaurants, clothes, cereal boxes, video games and internet sites. 

A meal and advertisments. Best of both worlds!

One quote from Consuming Kids that I thought was interesting was, “commercials are so 20th century”.  Like using commercials are so old school, nobody uses commercials anymore; since there are so many other new and exciting ways to get their products and advertisements into the hearts of children everywhere.

Usually a parent can control the usage of kid’s exposure to these advertisements.  They do not have to buy their kids the cereal boxes and they can censure what their child watches and how they use the internet.  But they cannot control what goes on before and during school.  Companies are getting even more creative with advertising; they are using radio stations on the bus and channels on the schools’ televisions to advertise their products.  Also, stores like Pet Co and Sports Authority are sponsoring field trips for school classes to come to their store during a school day to see what they sell.

Our economy was in a recession recently, but I do not understand how that happened with how much kids and tweens have bought in the past couple of years.  Billions and billions of dollars have gone to items targeted to kids and tweens.  I cannot remember what it was like being a kid and wanting something “that bad”.  Just on what your friends have or wanting to give your social status a boast.  But I think that advertisers are making it harder and harder for kids to stop the obsession of wanting.  It is getting out of control and if it doesn’t slow down soon; two year olds will have iPads.  And nobody wants that to happen, but maybe that technology advanced 2 year old!


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