Can I get alittle privacy please?!

“I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl.” -Princess Margaret

Imagine being this goldfish

Imagine being watched 24/7.  People watching your every move and everything you say.  Or having all your mistakes documented for the whole world to see.  This is what celebrities have to deal with day after day.  Once a celebrity is in the spotlight for one second, they are watched like a hawk by paparazzi and news reporters.  Making sure they get the best pictures of the celebrity, or the private information and tell it to the whole world. 

I feel that if people want to be famous and rich, they should know that it comes with consequences.  Which are being watched 24/7 and photographers taking your picture weather it is good or bad.  However, I do think there is a line that news reporters should not cross.  And one of those things is not hack jacking into celebrities’ phone conversations.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Sienna Miller.

Need a key??

The reporter hacked into her voicemails for over a year.  These voicemails were about her, her family and her ex-boyfriend, Jude Law.  The reporter would then make up stories from the voicemails and enlighten the whole world about her information.  Miller is accusing them of “outrageous violations of privacy”. 

The News of the World publicly announced that they were eavesdropping on voicemails of Miller and other celebrities.  They will pay for how many amounts of “justifiable claims” that they owe.  News of the World publicly apologized about what the reporter did; however Miller is not accepting it and is not dropping the law suit against News of the World. 

This law suit is ongoing, Miller’s lawyer; Mark Thomson is waiting for more information from News of the World before he decides what he and Miller wants to do.

Most of the time paparazzi can get away with what they do to public figures, based off of what is written in the First Amendment.  They have the freedom of press and speech.  However, in this case I believe News of the World went against The Privacy Act of 1974.  This act protects a public disclosure about an individual from being released unless they have written consent that it is true.  In this case, News of the World obviously did not have written consent from Sienna Miller to write stories about her and her loved ones.


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