Very clear directions on where to get tickets!!

Tigerfest, is the most well-known event that all students and even teachers look forward to every year.  It has everything you could possibly think of to have a good time.  For example, famous bands, inflatables, games and a beer garden for the lucky ones over 21.  This event is probably the biggest event that Towson holds every year; Towson spent a lot of time and money to make this event perfect. 

Making Tigerfest as famous as it was was not easy; Towson CAB has done a very good job promoting the event and everything that goes on during the day.  They get the students excited to buy tickets and participant in the festivities.  For weeks prior to Tigerfest there were posters, signs, flyers all around campus and many articles in the Towerlight that informed the students where and when Tigerfest was taking place.  These promotions were a great way to get the basic logic out to students and to get them excited to buy tickets for them and their friends.  In addition, CAB promoted Tigerfest by selling t-shirts!  The t-shirts were very attractive and once one student has an amusing t-shirt, you know that their friends and classmates will want the same thing.  Because who wants to be left out?  This source of promotion was a great strategy on behalf of CAB.

Selling t-shirts on the beach!

I definitely think that CAB did an excellent job promoting Tigerfest 2011.  I know this from first-hand experience because I was one of the many who read all the articles/updates and bought the t-shirt, just because I was excited for the event.

They got the basic information to the students, nobody could walk into a building on campus without seeing signs for the event and for anyone who reads the campus newspaper, Towerlight they knew about Tigerfest because there were multiple articles about the event that were on the front page. Also people got to see promotions on other people by looking at the entertaining t-shirts.  CAB was getting money from the t-shirt sales and getting promotion by students wearing them.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” – Dolly Parton

That is exactly what happened on the day of Tigerfest. There a really bad lightning storm and the whole event and main band had to be moved inside to the Towson Center.  Many students were not happy about this change because the band took a while to set up everything again.  Towson CAB did not handle it very good either because they were sending out wrong information to the students about the lineup and the times the bands were going to perform.  So that would be the only thing I think they should have improved on.  If they wanted to promote a change in the event that very same day, they needed to make sure that the information they were giving out were correct and clear.

Freshman Tigerfest= SUCCESS!

Even with the lightning cliché, I believe that many students were satisfied with the day and the amazing event.  I know that I had the best time and I am looking forward to having three more years of Tigerfests to participant in!


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