Who cares about that movie, let’s talk about that Product Placement?

You know that special apple shape with a bite missing on the right side and the stem not connected to the apple?  You will see it on any Mac product, iPhones, iPads, and iPods and pretty much in any movie you have seen in the past ten years.  When you see this symbol in a movie it is not there on accident, it is actually an advertisement for Apple Corporation.  Many companies are experts at getting their products in famous movies, television shows or anything an audience is going to watch and remember. 

The Infinite Apple Symbol

In the past two years Apple products have been located in 50 movies, most of them hitting Number 1 in the box office.  For example, “Iron Man 2”, “The Social Network”, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” and even in the famous cartoon movie, “Toy Story 3” have all shown Apple products to their audiences.  Almost all movies have some sort of product placement because it is giving money to the company and to produce the movie, everyone wins!

I just went to the theatres on Mother’s Day to watch the movie, “Something borrowed” and throughout the whole movie I was pointing out product placement to my sister and mom.  At one point they both told me to stop because it was ruining their experience. Sorry guys!  Just wanted to point out all the exciting and interesting things I have learned in the best class Introduction to Mass Communications! 

Drinking Pepsi

This movie had lots of product placements, just to name a couple: Sprint, Pepsi, Dunkin Donuts and Heineken beer.  Some of these products are even located in the trailer for the movie.  A trailer that is on television for everyone to see and a trailer that is on before you watch another movie in the theatres. 

One example of product placement that I loved was when the main character was going to get into a cab after a club scene.  Once it rolled up to pick her up, on top of the taxi in big, bold letters said

This is what I saw on top of the taxi!

“Sprint” with the Sprint design next to it.  And of course, she had one of the most important conversations in the whole movie right in front of that taxi.  It was a perfect scene to have product placement because the scene had everyone’s attention.  Also, after the movie that one scene was the scene that everyone talked about leaving the movie theatre.  It was very smart of the producers to have that taxi there during that conversation.   

I believe the placement of products from Apple, Nike and Pepsi have the best success on being remembered.  This is because audiences have been exposed to Nike and Pepsi their whole live;, so they know the products’ logos and can relate to the characters in the movie or television shows.  And for Apple, their products have become such a big phenomenon in our society today that everone is drawn to that apple symbol.


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