SAMHSA is “making moves” on Social Networking Sites!

“Facebook, Facebook, I need it!”  This is probably what every teenager is thinking after a long day of work or school without the internet.  Social networking sites are very addicting, which is why I believe that these sites have impacted our lives in so many ways.

Everyone goes on these sites for hours at a time and by doing this we have changed our generation’s communication skills and how we interact with our peers.  Due to all the abbreviations like lol (laughing out loud) and brb (be right back).  Our generation does all its “talking” online; so when we get out in public in the real world, it is hard for us to be vocal and outspoken about our thoughts and beliefs.

The Vocabulary of the Internet

Social networking sites have also impacted the classroom; our grammar skills have decreased and how you talk to authority.  People are not as formal as they should be to teachers/adults because of the way they talk online.  The way you talk online and to authority are definitely two different lanuages.

 And college students; what distracts you the most from school work?  That’s right; the answer is most likely: Facebook.  This is because instead of doing homework or studying for a test, students are “Facebook creeping” or looking up funny videos on YouTube.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” this is what children would yell on the street corner in the 1880’s.  This was a strategy newspapers companies used, to get their word out about their product.  Thankfully, the technology has improved since then, and now companies do not need to do this.  Instead they use advertisements on social networking sites.  Since so many people have a Facebook or a Twitter account, it makes it a lot easier to get the companies’ message across to buy their product or to go to their event.  This strategy is very effective because so many people acknowledge the advertisement and then buy the product.     

The use of social networking sites is increasing every day.  What else is increasing? That would be, the percentage of people abusing alcohol and drugs.  Well, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has tried to solve this problem, by making help available on social networking sites.  That’s right on the same sites, that you can see what your best friends are doing, creep on your frienemies’ pictures and watch funny videos; you can also learn about substance abuse and ways to prevent it from happening to you.

Want to learn about substance abuse and behavior health? SAMHSA has made it possible! People who are connected on the social network sites; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr can communicate about drugs and behavior health.  They are hoping that this program will “increase and improve communications with the behavioral health field, public and nonprofit organizations, the recovery community, and other audiences and individuals concerned with substance abuse and mental health issues.”  Just like many other companies, SAMHSA has found a way to promote their thoughts and have given people a way to get better, using the social networking sites.

I am a “Say No to Drugs” kind of girl.  And I think that everyone else should follow this saying as well.  However, I am realistic and I know that people use drugs.  These people need to be educated about the effects on substance abuse and the stories of others that have gone through relatable problems. 

And SAMHSA is making it more available to those people who need help.  They are doing this by giving them new ways to get information, how to prevent the addiction and the treatment that can help.  The coolest thing about making this stuff available on social networking sites is that people cna talk with one another about their stories, and how they overcame the problem.  It is very inspirational and gets people’s hopes up that one day they too can get past abusing drugs.


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