Man, I Wish I Lived in a Disney Movie!

“Don’t stop believing”, “True love conquers all”, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  These are all sayings that everyone has heard a million times throughout their life. Even though these are good, wholesome quotes.  Does it ever get annoying to you? Because it does for me.  I am nineteen years old and people are still telling me this stuff, ALL THE TIME.  After a while, I started to wonder where we get these ideas?  Well I could answer that in one word… Disney. 

All of the classic Disney movies are famous for having themes/lessons that are supposed to teach you something special.  Movies like Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas have the theme of “you should look at a person for what is on the inside not what they look like”. All of these traditional themes are things that children should learn at a early age, because they are actually really important and we need more people following these lessons in our society today. 

It is 2011 and the world is the furthest thing from a Disney movie.  Our world today is doing the opposite of what Disney taught us.  All people are doing are judging others, which results to people killing themselves last year.  They took their lives away due to the fact that people were making fun of who they are.  Here is a news report about one girl being harasshed by bullies.  If we lived in a Disney movie, then people would accept each other based off their character.

Why can't this always happen?

However, Disney is also known for their stereotypes that they show in their movies. For example, good vs. evil and specifics of gender roles.  I can really relate to this, because I truly believe that everything will have a happy ending.  And I think that entirely based off of Disney movies.  It has definitely been a very hard thing to overcome but I have started to realize that not everything ends happy; life is not a Disney movie.

Some things just do not work out the way you want it to.  Where actually the Pixar movie “Up”, it does a good job at showing how sometimes things do not always end the way people want it to.  In this clip, it shows the marriage between Ellie and Carl, and all their obstacles that they had to overcome and the strains that life throws at you when you least expect them. 

 The first time I watched this scene I was when I was babysitting and I almost started crying.  This is because I understood and comprehended what was going on, why he was so upset.  However the little girl I was babysitting said to me, “What is going on? Why are you so sad?”  She could tell it was something sad by the way I reacted and the music in the scene but she did not fully understand what was going on. But she loved all the other scenes. Disney has perfected the way they can connect to kids and adults.  They make it enjoyable for all ages, because Disney knows that parents are going to watch the movie with their children.

All in all, The Disney Company has taught me and my generation a lot of valuable lessons and culturally themes with films like Mulan, Pocahontas and Aladdin.  If I made a pro/con list of if Disney is a positive influence or not, there would definitely be more pros on my list!


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