EOnline.com, Is Where Its At!

Dying to know about Lindsay Lohan’s new court appearance? Or who Kim Kardashian is dating?  Well go to EOnline.com!  You will get everything you could most possibly want to know about entertainment news. 


 I really like this site because it makes you feel very active.  They do this by making you play videos about the main stories and they even let you take polls on what you think. Also, at the end of every article there are links that lead you to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. So you can comment or “like” the articles’ information.  This lets you become very connected to other people’s thoughts on the article.

 Not only is it very informative but it is very attractive.  The website’s font is big and bold and there are lots of pictures.  All the pictures are very eye catching and they get your attention right away.  They make you feel like you HAVE to read the articles.  Even if they are about things you probably could have cared less about ten minutes ago. But as you read the articles you will literally say “Oh my gosh” or “What?!  That’s crazy!” out loud.  EOnline.com has dirt I mean “information” about everyone; singers, actors, athletics, even celebrities’ children.  Therefore, even grown (macho) men will enjoy reading the articles on this site because they can get all caught up on their favorite athletics’ personal lives. 

EOnline.com is very good at advertising their channel’s shows, like Chelsea Lately and The Soup. All over the site there are videos of the previous episodes and advertisements on what is going to happen next week.  They even sell paraphernalia like coffee cups and shirts with the shows’ logo on the front. Smart huh?   

It's Chelsea Lately!

 Is EOnline.com successful? Yes, probably the best website to get your entertainment news.  They do a really good job telling the truth about celebrities and most importantly getting your attention as a reader. I also think it is a successful site because while I was watching the hour long show Enews on E, they went over the latest stories.  However, EOnline.com shows the reader all the articles and the details that they did not cover on the show due to limited time.  They also have more videos, and things to view on the website.  For example details about the previous award shows and even a live feed of what some celebrities are posting on Twitter!  

2011 Japan Tsunami

This site has everything!  Want the latest stories, movie reviews, celebrities’ fashion, sweepstakes, newsletters, even shopping?  You will find it all on this site.  But if I could make one suggestion on this site it would be to add more serious news.  Don’t get me wrong, I love learning about celebrities’ mistakes and who is dating who.  But I also want to know about the disasters in Japan, or what Obama wants to do with our health care.  I think that putting up more serious news would help broader their audience and bring in a lot more readers.


Disney. Is it too good for words?

When Disney comes to mind, what do you think of?  Going to the movies with your family, the unforgettable, charming characters or the story lines that are engraved into your brain?  Personally I could not say one bad thing about Disney. 

The Wide World of Disney

I think that Disney is amazing and I am not afraid to admit that to this day at age 19 I am competely obsessed with Disney. However in the movie, Micky Mouse Monolopy I found that many people including Dr. Henry Giroux think differently.  Dr. Henry Giroux wrote a book about how the company of Walt Disney is influencing children’s lifes in a negative way.  When they talked about gender was the thing that really caught my eye.  

When you see girls shaking their hips on the play ground? Or when you see teenage girls using their body in inapproiate ways?  I always think where do they get that from?  Well this film says they get it from Disney.  They showed many parts of Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, where the main female characters were using their bodies in stereotypical ways.  In Aladdin Jasmine uses her body to get the attention of Jafar.  I never noticed it before but it does shows girls the stereotypes of being a female and how you can use your body to get what you want.

Another important point they came up with in this film is how the Walt Disney company influences the messages to audiences and how the company is really worried about their reputation. They stated how the company never really lets their name out in a book or article unless it will benefit them, and since they control a lot of the mass media, they have the ability to do this. 

I believe that Disney has the right to be very protective about their company.  Making sure that they send out the right message to children is very important.  This is because children love Disney, they look up to the characters and they follow the messages that are in the movies.  I think that every company wants what Disney has, cause nobody wants a bad rep.  It is just Disney is lucky enough to have the needs that allow them to control it. 

After watching this film, it really made me think about the Walt Disney company and how badly they influence our lives today.  But I have to say I am way too much in love with Disney to change my mind now!  Walt Disney will always have my heart!